Where to buy Proactol Plus?

The only genuine way to buy Proactol supplement is via official website and nowhere else. Manufacturers are being very strict about this.

If you buy Proactol from anywhere other than the official site, you risk of getting the fake product, not getting the cash back guarantee (6 months long) and you certainly won’t get the usual customer support that comes with every purchase.

Proactol in GNC

GNC (General Nutrition Centers) is USA retail store focused on selling vitamins, supplements, minerals etc. A lot of people go there to buy their supplements. Unfortunately Proactol Plus diet pill is not available in GNC.

Proactol on Amazon

Amazon is world famous online store selling everything from books, DVDs to toys and decoration items. There is also special section for various food supplements. While it is possible to spot Proactol selling on Amazon, we suggest not buying it from there. Understand that it is not Amazon who is selling Proactol; it is usually sold by 3rd party sellers with questionable reputation.

Proactol on eBay

eBay is a popular auction site where people place bids and the highest bid wins at the end of auction. There is also option to “buy it now” for many items. We spotted few Proactol sales on eBay. However this is also not recommended by Proactol manufacturers. They are actually working hard to take down all these people who are selling Proactol on eBay.

How much does Proactol cost?

1-month supply will cost you $68.95. As we mentioned there is a 6 months money back guarantee. In order to qualify for a full refund, you must order minimum 4-month supply of Proactol and use it for at least 4 months. If you request a refund before the 6-month point, they will give you all the money back, no questions asked.

Buy Proactol today: $68.95 for 1-month supply


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